Back to the Rogue Main Page Back to my home page There are a 5 different kinds of magical items in the Dungeons:Potions, Scrolls, Rings, Wands, and Staves. For those items that, when used, provide an immediate effect (Potions, Scrolls and Wands/Staves), I've tried to match up the effect with the correct type of item.
Save versus magic deserves a note on most pages, but this is the magic page so here goes:Whenever you might be adversely effected by a magic item, your character (and monsters too) gets a saving throw (1 die of 20 sides), if the throw is high enough, you resist the effect. Your saving throw improves as you go up in level. You can save vs. Poison, Paralyzation, luck, death, breath and magic.

Potions come in the following colours, assigned randomly when a game is started:
amber aquamarine black blue brown clear crimson cyan ecru gold green grey magenta orange pink plaid purple red silver tan tangerine topaz turquoise vermilion violet white yellow

To use a potion, you (q)uaff it. Quaffing an unknown potion isn't necessarily a good idea, but the only really nasty potion you often encounter on earlier levels is the potion of blindness. However, if you've already discovered most of the useful potions, there is a decent chance that a new unknown potion is a bad one, and it may be worth using an identify scroll on it.

Potion type



a cloak of darkness falls around you


wait, what's going on? Huh? What? Who?

Extra healing

you begin to feel much better

Gain strength

you feel stronger. What bulging muscles!
you feel stronger, now. What bulging muscles!

haste self

you feel yourself moving much faster


you begin to feel better

magic detection

you sense the presence of magic.
you sense the presence of magic on this level.
you have a strange feeling for a moment, then it passes if there are no magic items on this level

monster detection

monster appears on map
you have a strange feeling
you have a strange feeling for a moment if there are no monsters on the current level.


you can't move


you feel very sick now.
you feel momentarily sick

raise level

you suddenly feel much more skilful

restore strength

you feel warm all over.
hey, this tastes great. It makes you feel warm all over

see invisible

this potion tastes like mango juice

thirst quenching

this potion tastes extremely dull

other potion (does nothing)

what an odd tasting potion!

When you find a type of scroll for the first time, it will have a very odd name (see the Guide to the Dungeons for an explanation) consisting of random syllables.

To use a scroll, you have to (r)ead it. Most of the scrolls in the Dungeons aren't very dangerous, and quite often even the worst ones are no more than a nuisance. However, the really useful ones (like the identify scroll, which you can use to identify an unknown magical item) are often very rare. The motto, therefore, is to use them wisely .

KSlack9898 points out the following on scare monster scrolls:

Scroll type


aggravate monsters

you hear a high pitched humming noise
Every monster in the level is looking for you!

create monster

you hear a faint cry of anguish
you hear a faint cry of anguish in the distance

enchant armor

your armor glows faintly
your armor glows faintly for a moment

enchant weapon

your weapon glows blue
your weapon glows blue for a moment
you feel a strange sense of loss if you are not wielding a weapon

food detection

your nose tingles as you sense food
you hear a growling noise close by
you hear a growling noise very close to you if there is no food on this level
BONUS:Also detects Amulets!

hold monster

holds all monsters within 1 or 2 spaces of the hero


this scroll is an identify scroll

magic mapping

oh, now this scroll has a map on it

monster confusion

your hands begin to glow red

Scare Monster

you hear maniacal laughter
you hear maniacal laughter in the distance
You just read a Scare Monster scroll! If you drop it instead, no monster will attack you (great for treasure rooms). Once you step off it, you can't use it again.


you fall asleep



remove curse

somebody is watching over you
you feel as if somebody is watching over you

vorpalize weapon

your weapon gives off a flash
your weapon gives off a flash of bright light
Vorpalized weapon, gives an additional +1 +1 to all, and a +4 +4 and the ability to zap a particual type of monster. Sometimes (1-20) Vorpalize will curse your weapon unless you save versus magic (see top of page), then it will tell you what monster the weapon is vorpalized for (what monster you can zap and get the +4 +4 against)
you feel a sudden desire to kill ??? .
This is the vorpalize where you save versus magic (see top of page)
your weapon vanishes in a puff of smoke
You vorpalized the same weapon twice (and overcharged it)
Also see vorpalized weapon in the staves/wands section.

blank paper

this scroll seems to be blank

Although the effect of most rings is difficult (if not impossible) to work out without an identify scroll, some (such as stealth or sustain strength) aren't too difficult to identify.

To use a ring, (P)ut it on. Rogue will ask you if you want to wear it on your left or right hand (unless you're already wearing one). Rings are often not the most useful magical items, and most of them should not be worn permanently because they cost food points (except, of course, the ring of slow digestion) and food often becomes scarce on later levels.

When a new game is started, the materials listed below are assigned randomly to the ring types:
agate, alexandrite, amethyst, carnelian, diamond, emerald, germanium, granite, garnet, jade, kryptonite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, obsidian, onyx, opal, pearl, peridot, ruby, sapphire, stibotantalite, tiger eye, taaffeite, zircon.

Ring type

Cost in food points (per turn)

add strength




aggravate monster




increase damage


maintain armor








slow digestion

adds 0-1



sustain strength


Like rings and potions, the staff and wand materials are assigned randomly upon startup.

To use a staff or wand, you (z)ap it and tell Rogue in which direction you want it zapped. Even wands or staves that have an area effect (like a wand of light) must be zapped in a direction.

Unlike most magical items, a staff or wand is often identified once used. However, the number of charges left can only be determined with an identify scroll. Also included here are vorpalized weapons (since you must zap with them for full effect).

Staff woods:
avocadowood, balsa, bamboo, banyan, birch, cedar, cherry, cinnabar, cypress, dogwood, driftwood, ebony, elm, eucalyptus, fall, hemlock, holly, ironwood, kukui wood, mahogany, manzanita, maple, oaken, persimmon wood, pecan, pine, poplar, redwood, rosewood, spruce, teak, walnut, zebrawood.

Wand materials:
aluminum, beryllium, bone, brass, bronze, copper, electrum, iron, lead, magnesium, mercury, nickel, pewter, platinum, steel, silicon, tin, titanium, tungsten, zinc.

Staff/Wand type



Reveals invisible or disguised monsters



drain life

you are too weak to use it You used it when you had less than 2 hit points
you have a tingling feeling You used it with no monsters around



haste monster

speeds monster up


the room is lit by a shimmering blue light
the corridor glows and then fades you used a wand of light in a corridor
you feel a warm glow around you You used a wand of light when blind


bolt of lightning

magic missile

The missile vanishes in a puff of smoke Only if the monster saved versus magic (see top of page)


Turns monster into another monster (and not necessarily a monster that's easier to kill!)

slow monster

slows monster down


does serious damage to monster (2d8 w/ +4 to hit, 5% chance of 3d8 w/+9 to hit)

teleport away

moves monster to a different room

teleport to

moves monster right next to you

vorpalized weapon

the monster vanishes in a puff of smoke Used a vorpalized weapon on the correct monster (guaranteed kill)
you hear a maniacal chuckle in the distance Used a vorpalized weapon on the wrong monster

nothing (used up)

nothing happens


what a bizarre schtick!

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